Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mallorca: it's both a soft and a rough place. Before tourism became popular, it was hard farming here. Some bold moments: Dry fields and stone fences. Plants living on rock. A crack in the street that starts to grow. The slow power of the elements. (For photo friday: "bold")

And a revisited story to go with "Bold" - a memory from another island trip:

There was almost no one in the pool. Then a young girl stepped into the water, and started to swim along the edge - and then towards the artificial small island in the middle of it, through the "deep" water. She is french, I realized when I heard her speak - it was just one word, but it was easy to understand: "courage". Same in french and in english, only pronounced differently. It even exists in german, but isn't really used there: Courage. Seeing her, it made me think that the word has coeur in it: "heart", in french.

And so she took heart, saying to herself with each stroke:




That's how she arrived there at the small island, despite her fear.

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