Sunday, April 10, 2016

rough sky

When I checked the new photo friday theme on friday morning, it was "Rough", and I had no real idea where to start. Six hours later I met up with a friend - and walking there, I saw this "Rough" graffiti. Right there. The red thing, it actually is a river seat. For sunnier days.

Which leads to the title of this post: rough sky. Every now and then, there is this touch of real spring in the air, with sunny moments. Then the clouds take over again. And just to add to it, when the sun shines, then it's often in the middle of the week, in the morning. I miss the sun-terrace-time. The feeling of warmth on my skin. Of walking in less layers. Of waking to bright blue sky... this is a photo from this morning. A sky that feels both soft, and rough in its withholding:

Which connects to 2 poems I once wrote, on a similar morning. It came up when I searched my writing files for "rough" - the word isn't in the poem itself, but in the invite to submit: "Send Rough Poetic Stuff". So here they are:



an overcast morning
but the sun rises just there
in the only stripe of sky
between cherry twigs
greys blend into rays of light
while a stone shadow
stretches into the breathing
of an asana posture

later, on the way to the bakery
a white raven circles
underneath the holes 
in the clouds
like a messenger 

359 degrees

walk clockwise
gather the hum melody
of the water neutrons
falling though this metal body
called heating
think outside
this room
think of the birds
migrating into the abroad
while their wings
float through the night
of another past
think clock


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rave + 359 were first published in VoidMagazine, which followed its name and isn't online anymore

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Linda said...

Excellent work. I love your description of the clouded sky.