Monday, April 18, 2016

she kept dreaming of.., or: blurred/sliver

Last week I visited the Joan Miro exhibition in Frankfurt. Still amazed. The photo is a reflection image I tried after visiting. And the second photo.. is the counterpart view. There is a bit more about the exhibition, blogged directly from the visit, in blue: Miro: murals and dreams.


It's his dream painting that delivered the story memory to go with it: Sliver.


When she woke up that morning, the last pictures of her last dream still vibrated in her mind:

She stood at a window and saw a comet flashing through the sky, leaving a silver trail behind it as it sliced through the deep black atmosphere. It was beautiful and bright and it felt so real.

And she kept dreaming of huge cities filled with streets filled with houses filled with colors and shadows. Sometimes she walked through them, sometimes she drove through them in a car. But no real memory of what happened there remained.


(about: the story behind sliver)
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(inspired by photo friday: Blurred)

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