Monday, May 30, 2016

5 sky moments: angel cloud, may tree, comic festival erlangen, starsky, and a blackout

The weather is still a rollercoaster, but there were some really nice sky moments happening these days. One was an this interesting cloud that included both an angel-shape and a heart-shape, depending how you look at it.

And another sweet sky moment: the "Maibaum" (may tree) that is put up each year in celebration of spring.

Also, there was: a colorful short trip. This weekend, I visited the "Comic-Salon" Erlangen, a great comic festival. More than 500 artists attended, and the themes of the exhibitions were rather international, with features on India, Africa, Europe and Japan. (I also blogged for a comic-blog there, the photos are online here at
This is the entry to the festival:

Below is a photo of the main exhibition, with an artificial star sky and handwritten notes by African comic artist Marguerite Abouet (i read her book "Aya" last year, here's the reading note: "Aya" by Marguerite Abouet & Clément Oubrerie is a graphic novel - it "tells an unpretentious and gently humorous story of an Africa we rarely see-spirited, hopeful, and resilient, the main character is "Aya", 19 years old with the plan to study. Aya won the 2006 award for Best First Album at the Angoulême International Comics Festival." - and it it’s like the reviews said, such a different image of / story from Africa. The story is set in Ivory-Coast, a bit soap-opera like, but lovely to read with the energy it has.")

Yet the sky also brought bad weather: on Sunday evening, a huge stormfront moved through the South of Germany, with lightening and thunder, and heavy rain. Lightening struck close to here, leading to a blackout that lasted an hour - and just when the light faded and i started to light candles, the power came back. We were still lucky, though: the only damage done was to the flowers, like this white iris. Not far from here, in a town 30 kilometres to the North, it turned really bad, with high water, drowned cars, flooded houses, and 4 people who lost their life. Once again, a reminder how fragile our world is, even though it seems so safe.

More skies from around the world: skywatch friday

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