Monday, May 23, 2016

Nightwalk Mandala, or: civilization, life and steps

This weekend, a friend of mine took part in the 18 mile-"Out of the Darkness" overnight walk in San Francicso to raise money for suicide prevention, awareness, and research. I hadn't heard of the walk before, and was deeply touched by the symbolism: to walk through the night, and keep walking together until the rays of sun appear.

As a symbol of support, I created a nightwalk mandala for her and all who were part of the walk. The photos it is based on have an own walking story, too - they are from Leipzig, from visiting the bookfair earlier this year. Here's one of them:

And here's a daytime photo, from the Nikolaikirche. The monument is in honour of all who met there each Monday evening n the time when there were still two Germanies, to walk for freedom. 

There also is a second, both smaller and larger monument next to the church: footsteps on the ground. A powerful reminder of the difference each one of us can make in and for the society we live in. And that all things - even the seemingly impossible ones - are starting with someone taking the first step. 


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