Monday, July 11, 2016

2 hands support the heavens, or: write short and share (festival of words, day 2)

2 Hands Support the Heavens 

The world slows
As we move like


Today I learned two new things: in qigong, we started with the "5 Elements" practice, and today we learned the moves for the first element, Wood.

And I learned what a "Lanturne" is: a short form of poetry that follows a 5 line pattern. The Laturne is featured in Folded Word's new writing column "Write Short & Share", and of course after reading about it, I was tempted to write a Lanturne.

It took a bit to find the way from the 5 elements to the 5 laturne lines, but when the last word fell into place, it felt like: bingo.

The title of the poem "2 Hands Support the Heavens" is the name of a qigong move from the previous serious we learned, the 8 brocades. Some of them sound like poems: "Draw a Bow to Shoot a Golden Eagle".

And here's the original photo - this is the inner courtyard of the "Staatsgalerie" (State Gallery) in Stuttgart, Germany. It belongs to the new, modern-art part of the galery, the architecture is designed by James Stirling, and back then, caused controversial debates:

And some links:

And another "Staatsgalerie" photo, from last year:


Anita said...

Nice to learn about these forms. Yet to attempt them.
Lovely pics :)

payal agarwal said...

Interesting poetry form. Will try for sure. Lovely pictures. :)