Tuesday, July 12, 2016

form turning seasons (festival of words, day 3)

Yesterday was all about newness: writing my first lanturne poem. Which now brought an idea: to try other poetic short forms. Like: the tanka

Yet somehow, my mind had a different format in mind today. And brought back this memory of an erasure poem that I once played with in folds and photographs. I didn't really think I would find it in all the files, as I couldn't remember the title, but my subconscious knew the way.

So here it is, on this day of first rain after 7 days of dry heat: form turning seasons.

Now, off to see what the other contributors came up at the Festival of Words.
Here are some interesting and unusual takes:

- Zentangle & Botanical Drawing
- Surviving Mexico: Pozole (Aztec food + travel :)
- Soul Talk photo reflections 

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