Tuesday, July 5, 2016

sunday trips: green hills + christo moment

This Sunday, I drove to the Alb plateau again. It's one of my favourite places here in the region, yet it's been a while since I've been there. It's a precious place, both for the open view it offers, and for its history: this once was a vulcano. Now sheep and cows live here. The vulcano history is still present, though: see the perfect cone-shaped hill? That's an old small vulcanoe.

While I went for a walk, the shepherd and his sheep crossed the way. So nice. And all timeless. It feels, the clocks still tick slower up there.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine is in Italy, and sent this photo - this is from the Christo installation "Floating piers" at lake Iseo. Seeing the photos made me go and look how far it is to the lake... well, turns out, I don't have to wonder whether I want to go or not. The installation ended this weekend. But so good to receive the photos from there.

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Lessandra said...

Interesting - Cristo's Floating Pier. I googled it and quite fascintating the whole project. Thanks for sharing.