Monday, October 31, 2016

#100dayproject & a fall lesson

The final days of October, here they start foggy and everything looks grey in the morning. After a while, the fog dissolves - and suddenly everything is aglow. Like in a natural color festival of yellow and orange and red. 
On Sunday, when the sun came out, I went for a walk, and then just stood there for a while, watching the yellow leaves whirl down from the tree, one after the other. It made me think that the very same place can be full of clarity, or full of haziness, That the difference sometimes is just an hour in time. And patience.
The note, it is from October 2015 - but it is the very same feeling in the air right now. The days starting cold, dark, and without colours. And then, at some point, the fog vanishes. And the day fills with colors and light. At least that's how it worked this weekend. But the weatherforecast for the coming weeks doesn't look good. there might be 2 weeks of bad weather coming. Well. It's November. But that felt like a shadow crawling nearer to wrap things up, with days turning darker and darker.

Just the thought made me moody, despite the sunshine. Which felt silly. So I picked my thoughts up, and tried to open up to the season, and look for another perspective. Later that day, I came across an article from someone who just finished a creative 100daychallenge. And from there, an idea opened: I could find such a challenge for me, too. Some kind of creative, colourful theme.

Now, what theme to pick? I ran through several options, but knew I wanted something that also related to the idea of the smallstones - the noticing of small, beautiful everyday moments and putting them into words. But how to combine that with colors? - Or should I try something different? Maybe collage? Maybe digital art?

The idea, it fell from the sky. Literally. This morning, on the walk to the bakery, there was a breeze in the air. It made the leaves swirl and fall. I walked past a tree, and looked up to the yellow leaves, floating in the air. One of them landed right on my scarf.


So that is the idea now: to catch those small moments. And turn them into visual poems: a combination of color sketch and note.

This afternoon I created the first: 1/100

And realized that if I start the challenge today, on this last day of October, it will carry me to February, like a color bridge.

I started to post, and will posting with the hashtag #100dayproject at

And this way, now November doesn’t feel so dark anymore. Looking forward.

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