Wednesday, November 23, 2016

feather of hope + november magic

This November is full of moments and colours: there will be a group exhibition of our art group from the onkology centre. We are all really excited about it. It will be the first time for us: the first time that our paintings will be on display, that they "walk out" of our room, and also the first time that we are on this other side of an exhibition - not the visitor, but the artist.

One of my works is a mixed media collage, which includes feathers, and little prints of poems. I needed one more feather for it, and walked along a sidewalk, looking for it - and found it after ten steps. this is the feather up there, next to one of the poems -Emily Dickinson's "Hope".

The exhibition, it also brings the experience of how much work it is to get such an exhibition together. But then, there is good energy coming from the preparation - this effect of a fixed date, of things coming together and finding their shape finally. The final two paintings were finished: yesterday. The exhibition is: tomorrow.

This Sunday, i went on a drive to reflect. I thought about writing a longer blog post, but then returned to preparing the exhibition... so I guess the longer blog post will follow this weekend. But I wanted to at least put this short update together, for the moments. Here's one from the drive:

And one from Sunday afternoon: terrace time with the red cat. It felt like summer for half an hour:

Another good vibe: over at wordpress, the theme for the weekly photo challenge is "Magic". It brought me back to this moment from April, from the old town of T√ľbingen - the passage, it looked like a magic doorway to me. 


And another magic moon: the "super moon" from last week.. Didn’t expect to get a chance to see the moon at all – but then it showed up between clouds: supermoon, the hazy version. and a nice web find: on instagram, more than 1.5 millions moon moments. this feeling of: we-are-all-under-the-same-moon.

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