Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fave photo of 2016

I still remember this morning, like it was just some days ago: waking up early, looking out of the window, seeing the tunes of sunrise in the air – and slipping into my jacket and out of the door, to be right there.

And there is this other layer of meaning: a year ago, that time, I was in the middle of chemotherapy. Dreamed of a normal life again. And of walks along the ocean. Hoped that things would be okay.

Since then, I realized that the things that I took for granted for so long - to be healthy, to be free to make plans, to travel - that they actually aren't so sure. That life can change in a day. That you never know. But also: that life is so beautiful. That each new day, each sunrise, is a gift.

So the photo is also a symbol, for all the single new days of this year.


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Vilt og vakkert said...

Heisann... thanks - Regarding Blogger´s Sunday Walk: we keep the extra challenge for one day, Sunday... the name is fixed for 5 years!
Another proposal is the last Sunday in January, April, July and October... hope so many bloggers as possible are able to walk these Sundays ;:OD)
Have a nice evening ;:OD)

Wonderful Sunrise!