Monday, December 26, 2016

Winter Medium Wind Memory

Winter: birds sailing in the winter air. Not sure how they make it through the frost nights, but there they are. Wind in the trees, sounding like waves, like a tide of time, coming and going. Single brown leaves falling while the first white buds start to form. This circle of life, of seasons. Of spring summer fall winter.

Winter. It is one of the few words that stay the same in German and English: the winter. der Winter.

It was this tiny thought that brought back the memory of something I once wrote, a reflection on language and words, on translations and synonyms: Out of whack and out of step 

Which once was online, published in IdentityTheory Magazine. And now is up again, in Medium. The visual to go with it... is new. A play with words and winter.

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Sharon Wagner said...

Happy Winter and Happy New year!