Wednesday, December 28, 2016

little prince + last christmas

Quiet moments: 

The new “Little Prince” film was on in TV. I recorded it to watch it in parts, so that it lasts longer. It’s really good, and I now started to read the book again. And the radio keeps playing "Last Christmas" and other songs from George Michael.

So somehow this Christmas now has this touch of sweet/sad nostalgia, of childhood stories and teenage songs brought back.

(inspired by the #decemberreflections2016)

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Unknown said...

When I first moved to Germany from the UK one of the girl's at work gave this book to me at Christmas! It brought back so many memories seeing it on this blog!

Even though I knew the book, I didn't really read it that much until moving to Germany in the Winter and battling with the snow for the first time in my life!