Sunday, February 19, 2017

looking back, looking up, looking down, looking ahead...

One week ago I  returned from the Canary islands - and was greeted by chilly northern wind, and the usual list of things that wait after a time away. But it has been a good week, even with sun moments.

The photo above is a "looking-up moment",  from one of the crossings here at the town street - the flags are in preparation of the upcoming "Fasching"-week: carneval.

Just some steps further from the looking up was this "looking-down": a play with shadows and lines:

Today was the last sunny day for a while. A polar jetstream is bringing clouds and falling temperatures. So I drove to the Alb plateau this afternoon. Up there, it still feels more like winter, with patches of snow:

And nice timing: driving back, I drove along a "sunset" road. So nice.

Have a lovely sky week, everyone!

more skies from everywhere: skywatch friday.

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Ulrika Landin said...

Beautiful pictures of the sky :)