Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday museum time with Hundertwasser, a baroque palace, and a modern literature museum

Sunday museum time - Hundertwasser exhibition in Ludwigsburg. Such vivid colors and shapes.

And such good contrasts: the exhibition is located in the Ludwigsburg Residential Palace, one of the largest baroque palaces in Germany. This is the view when you look out of a window:

Which is especially interesting when you stand inside this baroque place and look at the architecture models of Hundertwasser, and the photos of the buildings that were based on them.

And then you move to the paintings...

and then you look up, and see the baroque ceiling...

I tried to capture it in a video:


After visiting the exhibition, I wandered a bit through the palace area and gardens, and walked into this still life with painter. Actually, there were several people sketching / painting. So nice, to see artists and art-in-progress right after the exhibition:

And here's the other side of the palace, the counterpart view to the first scenery photo. I liked the contrast of posh/perfect facade, and the plastic construction barriere, especially as it has my family name...


After Hundertwasser, I went to the Museum of Modern Literature ... which had a very different style, very clean and modern. The iterature museum is in Marbach, which turned out to be only about 40 minutes from where I live... first time I went there. Nice to do something for the first time.

Inside the museum: thoughtful notes and quotes and reflections.

Words on walls, words on the floor.

"Die Seele eines Archivs sind seine Dinge. Sie beseelen uns mit dem Gef├╝hl, auf einer Spur zu sein... und wir erinnern uns, dass Sprechen immer Unterwegssein heisst." - "The soul of an archive consists of its things. They touch as with the feeling, to be a on a path... and we remember that speaking always means to be on a way."

The treasures of this museum: ink on paper.

Handwritten literary artefacts.

Such surprises: Allen Ginsbergs mantra-shaped book note for Carl Weisner. A posrcard from Kafka. Mascha Kaleko's ad texts for air wick. A draft of Celan's "todesfuge". A sketch by Hermann Hesse... all those details... 

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