Friday, April 14, 2017

Joining #the100dayproject with 100 Days of Mandalas and Gratitude

Last week, the 100 Day Project started - a free, global art project that anyone can participate in.

The challenge is simple: choose an action you'll do for 100 days, and then keep going, and share your piece daily on instagram with the hashtag #the100dayproject.

First I wasn't sure if to join, and which theme to pick - I played with ideas, thinking about photography, digital art, or collages? And while pondering, I sketched a mandala - and then things fell into place for me:

The theme for me is "Mandalas", click here to see the mandalas / days so far. The plan is to experiment with the process: combine painting and mixed media, and also collage elements and digital processes. Plus, as mandalas are symbols of positivity and gratitude, and as I felt a bit low in the last weeks moodwise, I am combining the theme with gratitude.

The first mandala I created was a digital art piece, here's the note for it:
"Today I am grateful... for the internet, and the inspiration and shared creativity that comes from it with projects like the 100daysproject"

And the second mandala - still one of my favs so far - is a symbol for the upcoming days and processes:
"My piece for the 100dayproject on day #2 is a play with possibilities. The mandala I created is kind of a “meta” mandala, it’s only temporary, and includes colored pencils, feathers, pieces of paper, bits of bark… and a copy of a mandala I once painted, and one that was in a magazine."
Yesterday I reached day 10, and put together a slideshow with the first 10 pieces. I already look forward to the next 10 days.

I won't be blogging much these days, but you can find me and my daily pieces at Instagram at: lifeasjourney: 100 Days of Mandalas and Gratitude. Right now, it's a combination of mandalas, and photographs of places I visted.



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