Friday, July 18, 2008

qarrtsiluni: same road, different season

"We are looking for work exploring transformative instances of all kinds with an emphasis particularly on the change itself ."

this call for submissions for the new qarrtsiluni issue, it pushed a button. flower? i thought. then: sky? i searched through files, came up with images, put a mail together. done, i thought. wrong, i was. a day later, i did something i hadn't done for too long a while. i put together a flash installation.

same road, different season

that road, i walk it every week. still it feels almost foreign there, on the screen, its shape transformed by the dimension that is invisible: time.

looking at it, i tried to remember the last flash installation i created. and had to smile. the title of it, rather fitting, is: time train. it was part of the tattoo highway #14. the theme of that highway: "Can't Get There From Here". (hint: click on the 14 to enter).

maybe it's time to return to the flash installations a bit more often than once a year.
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