Monday, July 14, 2008


"Well, it's as if the internet was made for this kind of thing."

that's the answer the 2 editors of 34thParallel - Martin /Australia, and Trace / USA - gave in an
EditRed interview when asked how the fact that they live on different continents and in different time zones affects their ability to collaborate effectively.

he global web also reflects in the magazine itself, which offers an illustrated stroll through poems and short stories from emerging writers from different countries and with different backgrounds, which gets even more apparent as 34thParallel introduces each writer with a photo and a bio. their concept: "We want the mag to be a kind of a tabloid for writers. We want to make writing look as glitzy as it is and we want to treat the writers like pop stars."

another speciality of 34thParallel: interviews. issue 2 includes the whole EditRed discussion, plus interviews with the editors from Skive, WordRiot and Hobart. this focus continues in the new print issue #3, in an interview with
Mostafa Moftah, a former art director in Cairo, who now turned to photography. Also featured in issue 3: stories that reach from Quicksand Mats to the Streets of Minsk, and Moving / Waters / Camouflage poetry.

34thParallel also has an online mag - because the internet is made for this kind of thing. here the link: 34thParallel Online Mag.

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