Sunday, October 19, 2008

little emerald answers

what i am reading this week... 3 links i came across.

Gold Boy, Emerald Girl - a short story from Yiyun Li, online in the The New Yorker. Plus, an interview with Yiyun Li in the Kartika Review: "I am always a very nosy person and a huge fan of gossiping, and that may contribute to my becoming a storyteller. I like to eavesdrop too, and I think by nature I am very shy so to satisfy my curiosity it seems easier to make up a story than to find out the real story by talking to people, which is a different skill."

Questions and Answers with Chuck Adams - an inspiring interview that is part of a recent series of interviews with agents, online in Poets&Writers: "I think beginning writers tend to not think about a reader. They tend to think about themselves. They think about making themselves sound smart and good, and they forget that this is really all about telling stories. I used to joke that I was going to put a big sign over my desk that said, "Quit writing and tell me a story."

A little publisher hits the Big Time - Le Clézio won the Nobel Price.. and there is exactly one publisher in the States who had a book from him available. a small publisher. Daniel E. Pritchard tells the story as guest poster in The Millions: "You have to want this one moment, when you feel sure you've won something good for the culture, that you've introduced something new and important to the world. Even if it only lasts a day or an hour before, you know, reality sets in. Thursday morning. Three people in the office. The New Yorker is on the phone: tell us about this author."

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