Friday, January 30, 2009

future stories

today, i came across 2 future stories / antologies that are in progress:

from Paper Cuts: "I’m working on an “assigned” short story for a literary journal; the story must be set in a specific place in the year 2023. In the interests of research, I found myself, this past November, attending an all-night rave at a 450-year-old Turkish bath in Budapest, surrounded by hundreds of 20-year-olds wearing bathing suits and drinking the Hungarian version of Red Bull." - Heidi Julavits

from Atomjack Magazine: "Welcome to the future you'll never see. Atomjack will be publishing an e-anthology of alternate future fiction tentatively titled The Butterfly Affects. These are stories that ask questions like what would the colonization of the moon be like if the Nazis had won? What would first contact be like if the Confederates had stomped the Yanks? How might the negation of the extinction of the dinosaurs affect the zombie wars of 2059 and 2170? Change an event in the past and see what the future holds for mankind (or apekind, in the case of however the hell Planet of the Apes works.)

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