Sunday, July 19, 2009

Counterexample Poetics: ego / choice / s p e c

"Counterexample Poetics is an assemblage of specialized artists and their artistry of natural inclination. As the name communicates, we serve as a refutation to a generalized, singular representational definition of what poetics, photography and artwork currently demonstrates on the mainstream spectrum."

i came across Counterexample Poetics via Marcia Arrieta's poem "coincide" and was instantly amazed by the journal. at the same time, i was reading 2 scientific books: Stephen W. Hawking's collected lectures on the universe, and a short history of nature in the last 1000 years. (link + link).

the merge of coincidence and science induced 2 poems: "choice, random" and "s p e c". both are up now in Counterexample Poetics, together with "the mind of ego", a collaborative work with Michael K. White that lingered in limbo for a while, and then clicked with the poems into the combined page: mind of ego / choice, random / s p e c.


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