Saturday, July 25, 2009

into the past II: surgery of modern warfare / artistry of life

a couple of days ago, i found archived pages of Turk Magazine and Dicey Brown Magazine via the waybackmachine (here more about that: into the past I). today, i searched for other magazines thought lost. and i found:

Surgery of Modern Warfare
here the goodbye-page.
and here, the Surgery archives. looks like they are complete and functioning. i found a piece i wrote years ago: "lines on paper".

and also:

Artistry of Life
here the archive page. it first looked like it's complete, the issue pages come up, like this one: issue 10 - The Pilgrimage of Childhood - but only very few single pieces come up. here is one that worked: J.A. Tyler - "913 Mansfield Drive". my "Small Sins" next to it remain lost.
some of the older issues (issue 3, issue2) seem to be almost complete.


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