Friday, April 16, 2010

definitely maybe

friday. i started to pack bags for mallorca already. today is about checking the flight news. 60% of all european flights are cancelled. the airport i am flying from on sunday was open until noon, and now closed, too. the iceland vulcano, it was a nature spectacle in the news at first. now its ash cloud leaves thousands stranded. hopefully, the situation will improve by tomorrow.

and just to add some maybe, my father went into hospital this morning, for a scheduled operation. a bit later, he called - they had to postpone the operation due to emergencies. so i picked him up again. the operation is now scheduled for monday.

these days all things seem to come with a question mark, with a reminder that nothing in life is as sure as we would like it to be. what a week.

and to my own surprise, in the midst of all, i now spent some time in the garden, tending to the roses. made tea. read the latest poetry in Tammy Ho's my etcetera project. found butterflies. and a funeral. the icons of these days. and then, completed the book collage (below).

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