Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eos (Vienna, continued)

from all the places i've been to this and last year, Vienna is turning into the most "picturesque" - i've been there for just a couple of days, but took a whole huge file of images, with very different moods.

the most curious Vienna picture is probably the one that now is part of the new blueprintreview: "Eos". i am still not sure whether this was a light installation, or a weird effect of temperature and cellar light. this was in the centre area of Vienna, at around 10 pm (see clock). there was no one else around. above a crop that shows a bit more of the place than the issue-version, click for larger size.

some tidbits about "Eos" - in Greek mythology, "Eos" is the goddess of dawn, who rose from her home at the edge of Oceanus, the Ocean that surrounds the world, to herald her brother Helios, the sun.

for more Vienna images, try this tag-link: Vienna


Jessie Carty said...

the greek legends give us so much to pull from don't they!

Dorothee Lang said...

that's so true. i was in Greece once, and had a legend book with me - what a life those gods & goddesses had. but seriously, there are so many aspects of human emotion included, and characterized as persons who then interact. pretty amazing.

Birdy said...

It looks like a light effect Do! But whatever it is it's beautiful...