Thursday, December 9, 2010

now up: blueprintreview #26 "IDENTITY"

the new issue of blueprintreview is online. the theme of it: "Identity". i am excited to see the poems, stories and images go online. and i am very glad that i prepared the larger part of the issue before i went to Spain.

it’s beautiful to return to this issue now, after the time away. i even finally found the cover image – i had one included, but knew it wasn’t the right one yet. on Monday i tried another image, and it fell into place. the image is based on a photo i took in Leopold museum in Vienna. the original image is online in the blog post Vienna museum moments.

and i hadn't thought of this first, but the image included in the initial call for submissions also is from there. which fits, as one of the focus themes of the museum is: Sigmund Freud. who lived in Vienna at the same time as the artists of the Sezession.

on a more earthly note: it's snow today.

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