Saturday, May 7, 2011

the art of pausing

today: an overcoast sky. some rain. then some rays of sun. time to linger. time to browse, to move from this island through the world in some clicks.

i visit the rejuvenation lounge, and pick up an advice on the art of pausing by Carole Fogarty:
Today I Will Take Life Easy

The art of pausing.
Think before we speak.
Breathe before we react.
Rest before we exhaust ourselves.

it makes me think of the piece of advice from a previous island time:

worry less
enjoy more

and this one:

less is more

so simple. so difficult, sometimes.

1 comment:

Jim Murdoch said...

Less is More

Less meaning
meaning less
is really more

more meaning not
meaning alone
only meaning
but a degree
of meaning - less.

Less meaning
means more than
merely meaning.

16 February 2008