Friday, May 6, 2011

Zeitreisen / Time & Place

the beauty of the time here: that there is time to read whole novels. and also: time to read those journals that have waited for the right time and place since weeks. like SO_journal. picked up at Leipzig Bookfair. carried home. and now, carried to this island. SO stands for "Südosteuropa" - "South East Europe". which was a focus theme of the book fair.

and in one of those coincidences of life, is also a focus theme here: there's a large business travel group from Ukraine here for 3 days, for training and for some island time. which made me go and look up the Ukraine wiki-page. and open the SO_journal. to find, it includes a diary of a translation: the story how a novel that was published in Belgrad found its way to its German translation. a way that took 6 years from start to end. so interesting.

another journal i am reading:  Zeit Reisen. a magazine included in the Zeit newspaper, with "wild stories" - stories about and inspired by big and small animals. like the story of the Urban Birder in London. other places inclded: Thailand, South Africa, Munich... a trip around the world in feathered, six-legged and hoofed stories.

and the little colored booklet: that is "the river of stones" from january, which i have as e-book, and printed in mini-format to take with me. the cover is a Paul Klee image from 1915.

& a parallel i only noticed when taking the picture: the SO_journal has the page header: Zeitzonen. Time zones. and the Zeit magazin: Zeit Reisen. Time trips.

so good to have this time.

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