Saturday, June 4, 2011

8 windows from 8 countries + 100 days

8 windows from 8 countries
the new issue of YB is online. the theme: windows. as in: "Yah, windows! Well, where to start? New ones kept revealing themselves.."and they did. i looked for some possible images to send as submission, and from them, the idea for a window gallery developed: 8 windows from 8 countries.

for a larger view with some extra information, try this link:
Windows Gallery (full size with links)

to put the gallery together, i browsed the photo files from past journeys, and looked at them from a very different angle (or: thematic window). which lead to:

100 days
this expedition into my own photo files - where i came to revisit photos i had almost forgotten about  - opened the "window" to participate in this year's 100days project, and continue the photo journey there with changing themes, but with the same take: revisiting from a new angle. here's the blog link:

p art ici patio n - 100 days of daily photos

in the last couple of days, the approach brought me to: Bratislava/Slovakia, Mallorca/Spain, my own backyard 2 years ago, a Roman park 2 towns from here, and Leipzig. and this is only day 14. so much more to come.

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Rose Hunter said...

So happy to have your gorgeous windows at YB Dorothee! But you didn't mention that you designed the header too AND the spectacular cover of our eBook! :)