Monday, June 6, 2011

a time log

upcoming: a week of many things that wait to be done. this made me revisit a post from January:

a 100 things (18th January 2010)
it feels like a week of 100 things to do to come. i just tried to cut the task list down to days. and had to smile: seen mathematically, it really isn't that much: 100 things a week turn into 14 things a day. not even 1 per hour ;)
the real task probably will be to keep the focus on the one thing, per hour.


100 and 5 (22nd January 2010)
more parallel project fun mathematics: whenever you reach the next milestone of your 100_things_of_this_week_list, the world throws in 5 add-on tasks.


how to categorize life? (8th February 2010)
a thought i had today, on a walk: that i would like to keep a logbook of time for a week, to see where the hours of a week are going. will see how this works out. the first question of such an hour logbook, of course, is a huge one: how to categorize life?


so that's what i will be doing again this week: keeping a logbook of time. and based on it, move to a bit more of a balance of time and priorities. and also, make time for the things that aren't immediately urgent, but that are important. and those that are joyful. like: taking sky pictures. and: adding another day to the 100 days project blog.

(and interesting, this match of "100". i just googled the term. up came 664.000.000 entries: 100 days)

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susan said...

Don't bother with a log, Dorothee. I know where time goes; I've seen it fly right out the window.