Wednesday, August 1, 2012

4 things i learned today + 3 links

water lily ponds sometimes develop an own mind and look like a face
(see photo above, and see/rose)

the weight of a World Apart
it is: 344 gramm

how to send a copy of the Worlds Apart book with international mail
the best option in Germany isn't "B├╝chersendung" ("book sending"), which costs 3 Euro up to 500 gramm (that's how i learned abou the 344 gramm). "better use the common international letter", the mail lady explained. it's 3.45 Euro up to 500 gramm, but is delivered with priority. while book sendings are "the last on the priority list". who knew?

how to create a list in Goodreads "listopia"
the answer is: by clicking "Create a list". up to that point it's intuitive. the non-intuitive part follows when you try to add books to your list. you do this by voting for each.

here's the list i started, it's about world books: Global Reading
feel free to add your favs + vote + join


...and 3 links:

100 days: a/round, other/wise, w/eight, plat/eau + see/rose

99 Books That Capture the Spirit of Africa + 1 on the verge

Narrative blog

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