Thursday, August 2, 2012

Africa and 7 books, Asia and our bodies, Latin America and photos

Africa and 7 books
yesterday felt like a day of so many moments and continents – via twitter, i came across a call for a new Africa anthology, and from there, arrived at a book that includes reviews and excerpts of 99 books from Africa's 54 countries. which made me think of the bok post i put together earlier this year, about how from population / continent relations, when you try to read around the world in 7 books, you actually would have to go and look for 4 books from Asia and 1 book from Africa - and then for 2 anthologies that cover the rest of the world in their pages. so i guess, this one would be the perfect 1 book from Africa.

here's the original blog post, it also happens to be the most visited post of this blog since weeks: the world in 7 books. and here's more about the book, in the blueprint blog: 99 Books That Capture the Spirit of Africa + 1 on the verge

Asia and our bodies
later i did some boring file stuff and played a TED talk while doing so, and i arrived at a moving one, about a photographer who worked in fashion, and then left that field to do something with more inner meaning, and also went the the Middle East for that, to Afghanistan and other places with refugee camps: "Giles Duley: When a reporter becomes the story". the TED talk lead to another, which is equally moving, a story of the difference one encounter on the street can make, Alberto Cairo: There are no scraps of men.

a thing i hadn't looked for, but that spoke to me: both talks are about life, humanity, making a difference - but both also are about dealing with orthopedic rehabilitation - which is something one of my parents is going through, on a much less dramatic level, though, but still it's a difficult and long process.

Latin America and photos
and as if to round up the day, there also was Latin America popping up in a tweet: F-Stop Magazine's new issue is all about Latin America and features 93 photographers. a good way to enter the issue is through the co-editor's blog fototazo, it has an introduction and features a selection of the a Latin America photosset of 20 photos in larger size: Photography in Latin America 2012 - Part 1 of 5

the collage above is from day 29 of the 100 days project, which itself happens to include participants from 3 continents

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