Tuesday, September 18, 2012

100 days of summer, day 75: colors, asemics + chairs

the 100 Days of Summer - this project of shared daily creativity - now reached it's three-quarter-milestone. above, the screenshot of my current entries at my projec page, participation

after a time of working with mirror images and with layer images, i thought of starting a color series (the start was the red and the blue photo) - but the flow of images then moved into a different direction, inspired by works of other group members. there was a continuing chair-theme, which made me get back to the Chair art installation in prague at day 70 (a colllage of the combined chair is here: Chair Saga).

another theme that keeps running throught he project is: asemics. which made me notice the sky asemics on day 72. for a while i wondered if the 100 days at some point would feel draining, repetetive, but right now it feels the group dynamics keeps leading to new angles and takes, and provides the energy to keep experimenting and creating.

it's also cool that through the project, summer will last until October this year, in a creative way.


(previous notes on the project: 100 days of summer)

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