Tuesday, September 18, 2012

this time next week: worlds apart live chat (a first time)

September is turning into a month of first times:

In August, "Worlds Apart", my new book launched. Or rather: our new book: Worl(d)s Apart is the true story of 2 journeys, a friendship, and the life lessons coming from the shared experiences.

With the start of September, the first interview went online at I Must Be Off, where author and traveller Christopher Allen interviewed me and Smitha about our book. The questions were so interesting, opening a space of reflection and revisiting, like this one: "When did it occur to you that you had something more than an email exchange? It is certainly much more. It's a compelling and insight-rich dialogue interspersed with poetry, essay and photography."

Just some days later, the first review went online - posted by Berit Ellingsen in her author blog: "The authors' thoughts on place, traveling, living, and the intimacy of the letters, is deeply moving and sympathetic. In the end it's about living in the now, about being and expressing, during travel and at home." (full review: Worl(d)s Apart)

And soon, another first time will follow: there's an author live chat with me upcoming at Goodreads, arranged by the editor of the book: Jessi Graustein at Folded Word, here are all the details:


WORL(D)S APART Live Chat with Dorothee Lang: September 25 

Join Dorothee Lang, co-author of WOR(L)DS APART and editor of BLUE PRINT REVIEW, to discuss her travel adventures and how she translates them into words. Simply log in to your GoodReads account, visit the Folded Word Fan Club, and join the discussion in the "Live Chat" thread in the "Author Q&A" section.

Dorothee, along with Folded Word's editor in chief J.S. Graustein, will be standing by to answer your questions in real time. Everyone who attends will be entered into a drawing for a door prize (details coming soon). - And if all works out, Smitha Murthy will join the live chat, too.

Can't make the live chat? No worries. We will open an Author Q&A thread on 24 September 2012 where you can leave your questions and comments. Dorothee (along with co-author Smitha Murthy) will respond as time allows throughout the week, ending on 30 September.

TIMING NOTE: Due to the global nature of this event, times are given as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Use a time zone conversion tool such as timeanddate.com/worldclock to calculate the time in your area.
(PS: it seems Goodreads shows the event time according to your place, but better double-check)


More about the book:
Worlds Apart - a true story about 2 friends, 2 journeys, and 10 life lessons:

In the global world, a traveler from Europe and a teacher from Asia meet in the web, share their journeys, and the joys, longings, and life lessons that wait along the road. Captured in letters and photos that reach from China and India to Germany and the Mediterranean Sea, a dialogue across continents and cultures unfolds: Worl(d)s Apart

PS: Amazon says they need 1-3 weeks depending on place, but it seems they actually deliver within 5-10 days.)


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