Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ModPo Live Webcast + blog review

right now: following the ModPo live webcast at youtube: ModPo Live Webcast - 9-19-2012

this live feeling is exciting - meeting at a both real + virtual place after the first 10 days of this online poetry course.

600 course students from all over the world are following the webcast, there's interaction through the youtube comments and through twitter. the link to the twitter stream is: #modpolive


PS: i blogged about the course some days ago here:
70 Days of Poetry with 30.000 Others + a History of the World in 100 Objects


PSS: and now i just came across an extended + interesting blog review of the whole ModPo-course, from Rheyden at Stepping Stones:
"With the start of the fall academic calendar, I’ve treated myself to participation in Coursera’s Massively Open Online Course (MOOC), Modern Poetry (#ModPo). This is a gigantic online course, offered on the Coursera platform, by University of Pennsylvania with the professor, Dr. Al Filreis. Filreis is a Kelly Professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania and the Faculty Director of the Kelly Writers House on campus. He is the author of many books and articles, a noted scholar, and a gifted educator. He’s also got a pretty darned impressive digital footprint (with an active Twitter feed and a blog) – his comfort with online participatory media really shows in this course (and, of course, helps to make it work). From Filreis’s blog: ”I do believe that’s the genius of this (the Coursera) model. The wisdom of crowds in a format that permits the wisdom to come through.”


Robin Heyden said...

Hi Dorathee - Great to read your post and thoughts - and thanks for mentioning mine. I'll follow you as we continue on his poetry journey. What a ride, eh?

Dorothee Lang said...

Hi Robin, i'll follow you too :) - yes, what a ride, and good to get to know some fellow "riders".