Saturday, September 15, 2012

Interiors, or: inside / outside

photo friday's the theme is "Interiors"

it brought me back to the exhibition on Pattern / Raster / Traces in our world, which is still up in the museum of modern art here. one of the installations inside the museum was a window facade with no personal signs of the ones living in each flat, the windows only reflecting another building - the typical view in many cities. the installations was so high that it reached through both exhibition floors - it was the first thing you saw when you entered the exhibtion, and then you walked into it again on the lower level. on its other side was another installation: a large collage of portraits of (supposed) suspects, all veiled.

the second photo belongs to the permanent exhibition. the large window front is always shaded with blinds, but on this bright day, the outside shone through.

the outside of the museum is online here: c/it/y

here's a part of it:

and here, a video from within: levelevelevel


another interesting effect: all photos in this post have the exactly same size, but it doesn't look like it.