Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ha ha said the sky.... + slushy things we do for photos

"cold, but no new snow for the next days..." - that's what the weather forecast said for this week. only that yesterday, after an overcast but dry morning, there came: new SNOW. heaps of it. like the snow you wish for at the day before christmas, to come and turn it all into winterland in a couple of hours, and make everyone go gooey-eyed: oh look snow....

only that now it was more likes: "..... *** .... "
but it created a funny collective mood: normally everyone is supposed to clear the way in front of their house, and most do – but yesterday everyone for hours seemed to decide to ignore the snow, and didn’t step outside to clear, until at some point, hesitantly, the first ones started. some still ignore it, like in: but they said there won’t be snow...

in the afternoon, some of the snow started to melt again, so it wasn't only new snow, but also new snow-slush. at the supermarket parking, it was: better walk in zig-zags. but then i saw that small lake at the side of the parking, and just had to find the right angle. slushy things we do for photos.. the larger of this photo is up in the photo blog: snow calligraphy

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