Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#litrostory, or: writing with strangers

today "#litrostory" started: a collective twitter fiction experiment

the idea: to create a story that is told on Twitter by as many writers as possible. i came across the announcement yesterday by chance, and got curious: how would the story start, and how would it develop? so i clicked into #litrostory today a couple of times

the screenshot above is the story after the first hours, my own tweet included. i didn't know anyone up to that point, and so good to see that my own tweet was followed by one from Chris, from the 30-in-30 project in Janaury.

and here i was, thinking this is 1-day-thing, and now i just checked the Litro website with the note on it: this is an ongoing project: "You can see the compiled story as it goes along on the Litro site – we will be updating a page with the story as it stands daily."


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