Tuesday, February 19, 2013

making friends with winter

today: new snow. this time, from Russia.
to come: another week of chilly winter. despite the spring that hung in the air for 2 days.

today: steps. in various directions. revisions. and new lines. recaptures. and new shapes. and this feeling of different, slower, but steady progress. with a milestone in reach: the new issue of BluePrintReview is starting to take step. tomorrow, an "on the way" page with notes will go live. happy about that.

today: this thought: that i want to make friends with this prolongued winter. with the frost. and the layers of work that it helps to thaw. while the ground outside is freezing again, things here on the desk turned fluid. is there a connection? somehow, it feels there is.

today: a natural miracle. the flowers in the photo above? "Christrosen" / "Christmas rose". the first flowers of winter. in bloom since 3 weeks. despite all. for winter is their time.

today: tuesday. which is "Dienstag" in German: day of "dienst", of service. and so i am of service. to the words, the images, the moments:

to day.

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