Wednesday, February 20, 2013

on the way & blue pause

the good news in 2 sentences:
the new issue of BluePrintReview - #30 - is in the making, the intro page went live today, and next week, the first issue pages will follow. from format, and from concept, it will be different from the previous issues - the title of it is "instan/ce(s)", and it is dedicated to series of works that explore the nature of moments.

the longer version, or: the making of (or rather: the pausing of) 
the longer version of how this issue developed, and why there was this long blue pause - is now live, too, on the "on the way page", just scroll down a bit to the serpentine image: BluePrintReview - on the way: #30

it's good to be back to blue, or rather: it's good to have arrived at this different blue.

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