Thursday, March 21, 2013

collective storytelling: A Moment of Weakness

this month, the London-based magazine Litro initiated a group writing experiment: they invited authors to write a collective story, one tweet at a time: "We had no idea how the experiment would turn out," Litrostory editor Emily Cleaver said. "Could a story written this way work? Would it come out as nonsense, or the whole thing fizzle out in a day?"

now the story is complete, and Litro put the tweets together on a page. it's a wild ride, but it is in fact a story.   i joined the experiment, too, with two tweets, the first is the first line of the fourth paragraph, (inspired by Zen or the Art of Motorcycle and Twitterstory Maintenance), the second is one of the ocean-kneeling moments - and was there a third? funny, i am not sure.

anyway, the whole story is up now here, it starts with:
"It was a moment of weakness. Nothing more..."

read & enjoy ~

& a screenshot from the story in process:



chrisgalvinwriter said...

This was a great experiment. I've taken part in a few of these collaborative story efforts, and while they're always fun, they often end in rather shaky fashion. I was impressed with the way everything came together by the deadline. It was your motorcycle tweet that inspired me to add a line (thanks!) I had intended to later add another, but then thought I'd missed the deadline (though I hadn't.) Enjoyed all the different voices coming together to make a narrative.

Dorothee said...

I first thought it was a one-day-experiment, and then realized it moved on. So cool that we both are part of that story, and that it actually was my motorcycle tweet that inspired you to join.