Wednesday, March 20, 2013

shapes of spring

the new photo friday theme is “springtime

it went live just when new march snow was falling on the fresh petals of the orange crocus. so i thought: "that's the photo to take". only that it didn’t really want to work out.

later, the sun came out, so i tried again, and then realized i am probably too focused on that crocus, that it might be a better approach to work towards a collage of small spring garden details. and while going through the photos later on the screen, i noticed that one of the crocus-photos, when cropped, came out just right. now i am glad about how it all turned out, especially the small moments, like the snow-covered leaf of the christmas rose. and in counterpart to it, the withered red rose, which miraculously still kept its shape and a touch of red.

& the green rolled-up leaf at the left bottom? that's a tulip-to-be.

the collage in changing pattern and with extra photos is online in the photo blog: shapes of spring

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bookspersonally said...

So pretty against the snow- Happy Spring!