Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Deduction

the next of the A-Z Blogging Challenge Days leads to: D.

D like Day. 
D like Dorothee. 
D like Door.

Which is how this A-Z challenge feels so far: like a door that leads both back to past works. And out into the web. Really enjoying this month of alphabetical blogging . Today will be brief, though, as I have to catch a train, and will be away for the day. So today, just one image, but one with many layers. 


Deduction, Definition, Development
By Definition (another D-Word!), Dedcution may refer to reasoning, inference in which the conclusion is of no greater generality than the premises; Natural deduction, ...

In this case, Deduction refers to the collaborative process of working on a multi-layered hypertextproject. My fellow "collaborateurs" were:  Karyn Eisler and Susan Gibb. The visual developed from notes and maps of the hypertext architecture, and turned into an own publication at Otoliths Magazine: Induction / Deduction

From D-Day with Deduction to E-Day with...
In an unplanned, but rather welcome alphabetic sorting, the completed hypertext project has a title that starts with: "E". So now I already know what the E-Day tomorrow will bring.

But now, off to the train station When time allows, I will also visit a new, cubistic library  Which comes with modern architecture and a gallery that features digital art (here's a photo page of the library). Should be intersting. I hope that works out.

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Sandy said...

Hope you have a productive day at the new library, though I tend to like the libraries of old with the old fashion stacks etc. You know, you're yellow and green text imagine makes a neat art piece.


Dorothee said...

hi Sandy! i think old libraries art something wonderful, too. or old bookshops.