Sunday, May 5, 2013

island diary: Temperature

photo friday's new theme is: "Temperature"

when looking for a fitting image, it made me think that - apart from extreme temperatures - it's not easy to catch. here's a moment from today, a walk through the old town centre of Alcudia:


it looks warm, but that's probably because we associate mediterranean places with summer and mild temperatures, just like we associate blue sky with warmth. it could also be cold in the image - and the weather forecast was cautious, yet it turned out the day was actually warm.


some more "Temperature" photos from here:

this is from they by here, on a day that was warm, but with a chilly northern wind blowing right at the bay, so no one went there for long:

this is the same bay, a week ago, on a rainy monday morning

and this is from Alcudia again:
a reminder that some years ago, all of Majorca was very "hot"
when it came to real estate
now, many places are up for sale, but the trend moved on

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