Sunday, June 2, 2013

a day in Munich: shades of grey + colors of comic

the new photo friday theme is "shades of grey" 
- which fits in unplanned ways with my short trip to Munich:
it was a trip through grey skies, to a destination  that came both in black+white
and in 100 colors: the Comic Festival Munich 2013. 
some impressions:
Munich deserted and grey: this is one of the main plazas, the "Stachus"

event announcements, including the comic festival
and open air cinema, next to poetry slam
and Carmina Burana and Louis Armstrong

at the comic fair: "Hi Batman!"

comic exhibition of guest country Italy:
here, it's either ink black or pure whites.

the comic fair, coming with a 1000 colors and themes
and a final photo, from the drive back through the rain;
with weather warnings broadcasted in the radio:
many rivers run dangerously high,
some towns are in danger of flooding
and this, on June 1st: the official start of summer

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