Friday, July 5, 2013

july horizons

sky friday it is again. which makes me remember this sky photo i took last sunday, after getting up early, as my friend joined a day-long marathon that day that started at sunrise. getting out of the car, the moon greeted us on this last day of june.


back home i thought of the year, and the lines of the chinese horoscope it came with:
"This is a connecting year for you. 
Hence you would encounter many opportunities. 
Be prepared to work hard."
right now, the horizon - and my desk - seem to follow those lines. i guess i will be blogging less in the month to come. maybe move to shorter notes, to photo posts. on the other hand, blogging is a way to process things for me. and like everyone knows who joins a marathon: you have to balance your energy.

so here's a moment of balance from this friday afternoon.

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Stanley Hattman said...

Interesting and contrasting skies between the two images. Good sunburst on the reflection -- saved the image. Nice job!!

Hilde said...

Beautiful skies and great photos :)

Saun said...


Liza said...

Both shots are stunning. Happy sky watching.

My sky.

Anonymous said...

What splendid shots!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Buck said...

I like how you used the tent(?) to filter the sun so you could expose the sky properly. Love the moon!

Dorothee said...

thanks for the lovely feedback!

the fabric in the second photo, that is a green parasol - i sat under it and looked up, and then tried this photo.