Monday, July 1, 2013

what i found / interesting

the new theme for photo friday is: "What I Found"

thinking about how to approch it lead to a zen-like question: how to look for the things we don't expect, the ones we find without searching, without even knowing that they are out there somewhere. 

like last friday, when i took photos while strolling through the city, and later put this collage together, some moments are constant, some fleeting. and for each, taking a picture came from the impulse to capture that moment before it slips away:


more about that afternoon in the city, and time and moments, in the post below:
288 hours, or: fleeting moments, mind maps, life archives, and the time we have

the whole theme of finding also made me think of this curious parallel in phrasing:
- to find something
- to find something interesting

and one more find:
a tree pointing at the sun, and the camera capturing it like in a photoshopped effect version:

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