Wednesday, July 24, 2013

M is for moon halo + maybe certainly

inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge i started to revisit my published works... today is M. M like memory, myself, mood, milk, many, motion, matters,...


moon halo


maybe certainly

maybe he got the times wrong. maybe he got the times wrong and missed the train. maybe he already is on his way, in another train, in a later train. certainly he already is on his way, in another train. later, but on his way. certainly. and certainly he forgot his mobile. or forgot to charge his mobile. or maybe there is no connection from the train.

certainly there is something that keeps him from calling. certainly there is a reason for everything. maybe it wasn’t his fault at all. maybe something happening that he couldn’t help. maybe something happened. certainly something happened.

maybe his mobile fell down. maybe something happened and his mobile fell down and isn’t working anymore. maybe he fell down. maybe he slipped while he took a shower before he left for the train station. maybe he slipped in the bathroom and hit his head on the wash basin. maybe he is lying on the bathroom floor while i wait here.

certainly he is not lying on the bathroom floor. certainly there is a reason for him being not on the train and his mobile not working. certainly he didn’t have his mobile with him in the shower. so certainly he didn’t slip in the bathroom and hit his head on the wash basin.

certainly he will arrive here sooner or later. maybe he even will bring flowers for me. maybe he is buying flowers for me right now. maybe i should go home and wait at home. certainly he won’t expect me to wait for him that long. maybe i really should go home. maybe he already called me at home. maybe he forgot my mobile number and called me at home while i waited here.



moon halo was first published in poetic inhalation, in 2004. the journal isn't online any more, but the poem is still online as the flash was included through an extra-page, click the moon image above to get there, or here's the direct link: blueprint/moonhalo

maybe certainly was first published in Taint magazine, which isn't online any more either. a copy of the story page is online here: maybe certainly


A to Z
this A-Z walk through the archives started here: A to Z Blogging Challenge upcoming, the collected entries are online as life as a journey from A to Z

...and nice to find that i am not the only one who is still going through the A-Z of things several weeks after the official challenge ended... #atozchallenge

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