Thursday, July 25, 2013

23,000 breaths (summer zen #7)

yesterday, after the rain: a yoga walk. which lead a bit further than expected:

"you breathe about 23,000 breaths in a day.
why not let a few of them be mindful breaths?"

a friend sent this quote from yoga class. i thought of it yesterday while taking part in a special yoga class myself, offered by our yoga teacher this summer: "yoga walking"

yoga walking, it's both simple and intense: you walk. and breathe.
or rather: you focus on your breath while walking. and adjust the walking rhythm to different breathing patterns: 4 in, 4 out. 4 in, 4 out.

yesterday, our teacher added a mantra to the 4: "sa ta na ma"

which leads from walking to the larger walk of life:



be born
be reborn


walking there, after the rain, first in the forest, and then through a field with a view, it felt like being at the ocean a couple at times. simple, and vast. back home, i looked up the mantra, and arrived at this  visualisation, and at this translation&info

more summer zen:

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