Friday, July 26, 2013

the sky, a slow drama

for skywatch friday this week: a sunset, a sky quote, and the moon in yellow


the rain clouds that finally arrived this week: not only did they bring rain, but also stunning evening skies. like this one, from yesterday evening. here's a city/sky quote, to go with it:
"It was another planet out there. The city became merely a dream, or as distant as something you had read about in a book: something you could remember, or not, as you pleased. 
The country made the city and all its anxieties seem small and silly, and yet when you had been too long in the city, you forgot how the sun moving through its path was a long slow drama, and the way the sky was always there, big and easy-going." 
- from "The Idea of Perfection" by Kate Grenville

in addition to the rain and the sunset, there was the moon. each evening, it performed in its own slow drama, rising in shining yellow - as if it had an inner light source. i tried to catch the mood, this is as close as i got.
i tried to google an explanation, but to no avail so far - could be sand / smog in the atmosphere maybe.  did the moon show up in that color in other places, too?


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Heather said...

Beautiful colors.