Wednesday, August 7, 2013

finding abundance (summer zen #13)

today: an evening moment from last week & a quote from a month ago, from an article on tiny buddha on finding abundance in days that are too busy:
“Perhaps we can each take our life situation for what it is—a situation—instead of a sentence or definition; busy or not, and let it be a way for our being, our true self, to experience all that is worth experiencing. 
So walk through a grove of aspen trees. Stand in a ray of sunlight in the middle of the city. Marvel at the way your physical body helps you carry out the mission of your soul. Focus. Spend time loving the present. Take some time off if serves you. Enjoy silence. Be loud when being loud helps. Dance with your baby, talk to your neighbor, let the snow or rain melt into your skin, and see the art in the world. 
Look past the to-do list to what is. Find your abundance, and honor it.”

here’s the whole article: How We Can Embody Abundance Regardless of What We Have
at Tiny Buddha


more summer zen:

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